We help authors understand and manage the rights necessary to make their works broadly available now and in the future.

We provide education and advocacy for sound policies that help authors create their works, make them accessible to the public, and ensure their preservation.

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We help authors identify online platforms, journals, libraries, and other tools, techniques, and partners that can help them communicate with their audiences.

We work to ensure that authors can make their contributions to knowledge and culture widely available without sacrificing their interests in reputation and integrity.

CURRENTLY AT ISSUE: Europe’s Fractured Public Domain: An Update on Anne Frank’s Diary

April 26 is World Intellectual Property Day—an opportunity to highlight and learn more about IP issues around the world. This year, a group of Polish and European organizations has provided a sobering example of what can go wrong with overlong, complicated, and internationally inconsistent copyright terms. To call attention to these issues, Centrum Cyfrowe, in […]

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