AT ISSUE: Authorial Reputation & Integrity

We work to ensure that authors can make their contributions to knowledge and culture widely available without sacrificing their interests in reputation and integrity.

Authorial reputation and integrity are key issues for Authors Alliance.  It is important to authors themselves and to our collective cultural heritage for contributions to knowledge and culture to be accurately attributed to their authors and for ideas to be subjected to fair scrutiny by reviewers and readers. Issues of reputation and integrity are connected to the processes of peer review and promotion–processes that are critical to the research and academic enterprises but that may need to adapt in the digital age.

We will be tracking news in this area, creating educational materials, and developing best practices and policy positions.

A starting point is this suggestion in our Principles and Proposals for Copyright Reform:

The law should recognize the right of authors to be acknowledged as creators of our works. This is especially important for those of us who create in order to contribute to knowledge and culture.  Attribution serves not only our interests as authors, but also the reading public’s interest in knowing whose works they are consuming and society’s interest in an accurate record of the intellectual heritage of humankind.