What topics do your workshops in a box cover?

The A2P2 pilot program launched with our first workshop in a box (“WIB”) on how authors can get rights back from publishers. This is one of our signature initiatives, and we have existing author-facing resources on how to get rights back through negotiation, by exercising a contractual clause, or through a statutory right. We have a second WIB underway on understanding and negotiating book publication contracts. We’ll develop additional WIBs throughout the pilot phase (and beyond!) based on input from subscribers about what topics to prioritize.

What type of materials are included in your workshops in a box?

Workshops in a box (“WIBs”) are designed to include everything an instructor needs to host a successful workshop on a topic: background reading, slides, talking points, handouts, FAQs, hands-on exercises, and more. Workshop attendees also have access to all of our author-facing materials to support and reinforce their learning at the workshop. Because we know that it can be time consuming to market your training sessions, our WIBs also contain templates for the marketing materials you need to fill the seats in your workshop, including flyers and email/social media text. If there are other materials you’d like to see included in our workshops in a box, drop us a line!

Are workshops in a box materials customizable?

Yes! Members have access to Microsoft and Google file formats to allow for customization of workshop materials.

Can you tell me more about the webinars you expect to offer?

During the pilot year, we plan to host 3 or 4 webinars for library professions. We have plans in place for webinars on understanding and negotiating publication contracts and getting rights back, two of our key initiatives. We also plan to host guest experts during our pilot year who will share their expertise in topics that are responsive to pilot member input. During our pilot year, we encourage feedback from our subscribers on the content, format, and frequency of these webinars, and we’ll make adjustments in response to this feedback for future years.

I have niche expertise that may be of interest to A2P2 members; can I teach one of your webinars?

We love to host guest experts; please reach out to discuss your content ideas!

Can you conduct in-person training at my campus?

In the future, Authors Alliance may offer an A2P2 subscription level that includes in-person training. In the meantime, if your university is interested in sponsoring an on-site workshop to bring Authors Alliance in to train faculty, researchers, and students in your community—or to bring together a group of library professionals for an in-person workshop—please reach out. 

Do you have any plans to develop country-specific resources based on local laws?

Authors Alliance’s current resources are developed with U.S. laws and practices in mind. While some of this content is applicable in other countries, copyright is jurisdictional and not all of the information in our guides will apply to our partners abroad. Most of our author-facing resources are licensed under a CC-BY license and we welcome adaptations that tailor them to other jurisdictions. If you are interested in partnering with us to translate our resources into other languages or to take into account country-specific laws, please let us know! 

Other questions? Comments? Suggestions? 

Contact us at info@authorsalliance.org.