Have you written a book that has fallen out of print, or isn’t selling as well as it used to? Would you like to open that content to a wider audience, perhaps by creating a digital edition or posting it in an open-access repository? If it’s your goal to broaden your readership by making your own decisions about how and when to make your work available, you might be best served by recovering publishing rights from your publisher in order to explore new ways of reaching readers.

Today, there are more options for distribution available than ever before, but many publishing contracts were written in a pre-digital world, with terms that lasted beyond an author’s lifetime. Now that these contracts have been outpaced by new technologies, there has never been a more compelling time for authors to re-evaluate their publishing options. Fortunately, many of our members are working successfully with their publishers to sort out the rights issues standing between their work and the broad audiences digital distribution enables.

The process of recovering rights—usually known as rights reversion—and using them to reach a wider audience isn’t always straightforward. We’ve provided a wealth of information about taking control of your intellectual property, as well as resources designed to help you along the way. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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