Understanding Rights Reversion: Now in Print

Posted September 15, 2015

When we released Understanding Rights Reversion this past April, we published the guide as a digital file under a Creative Commons license with the goal of putting it in reach of anyone who might need it. We’re pleased to say that the guide is now available, digitally, through any number of outlets, from NYU libraries to Australian Policy Online, as well as from our website.

But digital can’t reach everyone and many of us find paper resources easier to read and navigate. For everyone with a preference for paper, and for those who want to support Authors Alliance’s continuing non-profit mission, Understanding Rights Reversion is now available the old-fashioned way. After joining or donating, purchasing a guide from us is one of the best ways to stand behind our organization. Buy one today (below or in our store) and who knows, we might even throw in some stickers!