Authors Alliance Celebrates Three Years!

Posted May 18, 2017

photo by Annie Spratt | CC0

This month, Authors Alliance celebrates three years of empowering authors in the digital age! We’ve come a long way since our founding and are looking forward to more great work ahead.

In the year since our last birthday, our membership has grown to nearly 1,200 strong. Last fall, in partnership with Creative Commons, we released a beta version of, a tool that helps authors navigate the complexities of the termination of transfer provision of copyright law. We said farewell to Mike Wolfe, our founding Executive Director, and were thrilled to welcome Brianna Schofield as our new ED in February. We traveled around the U.S. and abroad to host workshops and panel discussions. And we continue to advocate for policy positions that champion broad rights for creators, from robust fair use to attribution and integrity.

We’re currently hard at work on a third educational guide on fair use for non-fiction authors, which is due out later this year, and look forward to sharing more details with you when the guide is published.

As we celebrate three years of supporting authors who write to be read, we encourage those of you who may not yet be members to join. Basic membership in Authors Alliance is free, and our members are the first to hear about our news and resources. Sign up today!